6 Types Of Add-On To Install With Your New Front Door

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When you're having your front door replaced, you have a perfect opportunity to upgrade, accessorize, and solve any problems you had with the previous front door. For example, you can have your new front door installed with better security features to help keep your home and family safer. 

Here are just a few types of add-ons and extras to consider along with your door installation.

1. Decorative windows

If you're already having your door replaced, this is a great time to consider changing its profile by choosing a door that comes with sidelights or even a transom window (window above the door). Or you can choose a door that has decorative windows included within the door itself.

2. Door security features

Your front door should be an important line of defense against possible intruders. A few of the ways you can increase the security level of your next front door include:

  • Choosing a door that can't be kicked open
  • Choosing heavy-duty doorknob hardware
  • Adding a break-in-resistant deadbolt

3.  Doorbell and intercom

If your home doesn't already have a doorbell, installing one now can be a good move. It will allow you to hear people at the door even if you're at the other end of the house. Additionally, an intercom can allow you to let your visitor know you're on the way to the door. These elements can both be installed right next to your front door.

4. Secondary door  

An add-on door such as a screen or a storm door can also be a great addition. These are both functional add-ons, although for different seasons. A screen door is typically used for keeping out bugs in the summer while letting in air, and a storm door is typically used to add another layer of protection against winter weather.

5. Upgraded accessories

Your door's appearance also matters since it is a significant part of what gives your home curb appeal. Choosing a cute door knocker and some door hardware that matches the aesthetic you're going for can help you to polish up your door's look.

6. Above-the-door awning

Finally, you may want to consider adding an awning above your door. An awning can add a cute touch and help shade the door, but it can also help prevent leaks if your door is exposed to rain. So if you've had a leak in this area in the past, an awning could be a useful addition.

Your door installation experts can help you with many of these add-ons, such as security features, screen doors, storm doors, and premium door hardware. They can also point you in the right direction for other elements such as an awning to avoid leaks. Contact a door installation service to learn more.

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