2 Reasons To Leave The Restoration Of Your Fire-Damaged Home To Professionals

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After your house sustained damage due to a recent fire, you may be in the initial process of picking up the pieces. While you may not be completely sure how to proceed with the cleanup and restoration process, you may feel that you can begin by throwing away damaged items and materials while cleaning up as you go along.

However, attempting to go through this process by yourself could wind up making the problem worse. There are a couple of reasons why you should leave the restoration of your fire-damaged home to a professional service.

1. You May Accidentally Cause More Damage During the Process

One reason that you should hire professionals to clean up and restore your fire-damaged home instead of trying to do it yourself is that you could accidentally cause more damage during the process. The simple act of shifting or wiping down a beam that was weakened by the extreme heat could come crashing down if not handled properly.

Even attempting to wash curtains, clothes, or rugs could ruin them. If you do not use the right cleaner to remove the residual smoke, it could be set into the fabric.

However, a restoration service will have the proper tools and cleaning solutions to help prevent further damage. They will also have experience with handling fire- and smoke-affected materials so that they do not break further.

2. You May Inadvertently Throw Away Items That Are Salvageable 

Another reason why you should hire professionals is that they will be able to better ascertain what can and cannot be salvage. While you are observing the scene, you may see items that are blackened and singed and believe that everything needs to be thrown away.

However, to a professional's eye, there may be items that can be cleaned and restored to their pre-fire condition. Instead of starting to throw away items that could be saved, first have someone determine whether or not this is necessary.

If you attempt to clean up and restore your own home after it has sustained damage in a fire, you may cause more damage and/or throw away possessions and materials that may be salvageable in the hands of a professional. Instead of doing the work yourself, contact a company in your area that offers fire restoration services to have them assess the damage and discuss what they feel can be done to get your home back to where it was before the fire.

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