The Water Damage Repairs After Spring Storms Cause Rising Waters

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As the spring weather starts, so do the water damage problems. The recent storms in your area may have caused waters to rise and get into your home. The issues can be due to poor drainage and other problems with your foundation, or they may be caused by flooding. The things you need to do before spring rains cause water damage include:

Stop the Water from Getting In

The first problem you are going to have to deal with is the water getting in. If the issue is with a blocked storm drain, you will need to unclog it to allow the excess water to flow away. If the issue is due to a problem with the outdoor drainage around your home, you will need to address these issues. When the problem is flooding, you can create temporary barricades to keep as much water out as possible.

Address Safety Issues

When spring rains cause water to get into your home, there may be some safety issues that you have to deal with. The first problem that you need to check for is the utilities being damaged. Make sure the electricity is off and be aware of the smell of gas leaks. You may also need to deal with contamination, which will need to be cleaned up when you begin the repairs to your home.

Deal with Water Removal

The water that has come into your home is one of the biggest issues you are going to face. Water removal is a difficult process that is much more than just using a pump to get the water out of your home. You will need to use pumps, hoses, and buckets to remove as much of the standing water as possible. As you begin cleaning up the damage, you are going to need to use fans to dry up the last of the moisture in your home.

Start Demolition and Cleanup

The last step in dealing with the water damage is to begin the cleaning up. This should start with demolition. When all the damaged materials are removed, the area should be a clean shell of what used to be your home. In addition to the demolition and cleanup, you may also need to have mold testing done.

The rising water often causes problems with water damage during spring weather. To learn more about water damage repair, contact a company like Personal Touch Services.

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