Things To Be Learned From Older Roofing Practices And Traditions

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Roofing is a profession as old as the ages. Of course, roofs and roofing services have changed a whole lot over the years. But that does not mean that all of the traditions and the older roofing practices deserve to be thrown out completely. There is a lot to be learned from more traditional roofing practices — including the following lessons.

#1: Roofing requires specialized skills.

Thousands of years ago, roofs were made from thatching, which is bundles of straw or water reeds. Straw may not sound like the best roofing material, but it can actually do a great job as long as it is installed carefully and in a specific way. Thus, it was the skill of the roofers that made these old, thatched roofs possible. This is still true today. You can have excellent roofing materials, but if they are not installed properly by a skilled roofer, they won't offer much protection. This is why, even with today's high-end roofing materials, installing a roof is not a good DIY job.

#2: Color is not all that important.

For many years, you would drive down the street and see mostly black roofs. These days, there are more shingle colors available, but it can be helpful to look back on the era of black roofs and remember that often, simple is better.

If you find yourself spending too much time looking for the perfect roof color, just go with black. It's neutral, it matches almost everything, and nobody will ever say, "look at that strange black roof!" And don't worry — today's black roofs are made to be quite reflective, so they reflect sunlight and don't get too hot.

#3: Natural materials can work well.

Asphalt shingles really took the roofing world by storm. But many homeowners do not like that asphalt shingles are not natural. This is another situation in which the past can give you reassurance. Before asphalt shingles were common, houses were roofed with slate and cedar shakes. Both of these materials are still available, and they can be good options for homeowners who prefer natural options. Slate is expensive but really long-lasting. And cedar is quite affordable and biodegradable.

Sometimes, for a little insight, you need to look back to the past. This is definitely true in the world of roofing. There's a lot to be learned from the way roofers have worked over the years.

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